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Served all day.


Daddy Issues


Trashy, Naughty, Fun.

Gordon's pink gin, Lillet blanc, rosé prosecco, strawberry lollipop and mixed berry smoking bubble.



Holi, Moli, Guacamoli.

Bacardi white rum, pineapple juice, fresh avocado, coconut syrup and lime juice.

Wicked Woo


One for the Instagram.

Absolut butterfly flower vodka, Lillet blanc, lavender bitter, lime juice and cotton candy.

Tiki Wi-Ki


Tropical, Boozy, Punchy.

White Bacardi rum, Jamaican dark rum, Pimento Dram, lime juice, Tonka Bean syrup, pineapple juice and Angostura bitter.



Fresh, Spicy, Pink.

Jose Cuervo Tradicional, watermelon syrup, lime juice, tabasco, pink grapefruit soda, pink salt and chilli flakes.



Wake me up before you go go.

Absolut vanilla vodka, Baileys, espresso, salted caramel syrup and cold milk white chocolate foam.

That's How I Roll


Herbal, Kushy, Lit.

Absolut vodka, Hierbas, spicy cannabis syrup, lime juice, soda and tobacco smoking bubble.



Come taste me.

Absolut Skittle vodka, tequila rose, bubblegum syrup, lime juice, whites, soda and torched marshmallow.

Sassy Berry Went On Vacation


#3 Years Top Seller with a twist.

Absolut vodka, mixed berry syrup, lime juice, white chocolate and tequila rose foam.



Floreal, Bubbly, Giggly.

Gordon's dry gin, cucumber juicer, jasmine syrup, lime juice and prosecco.


Classic Cocktail


Classic cocktails can be made by our bar team so don't be afraid to order your personal favourite.

Sharing & Jugs



Serves 2.

Classic cocktails can be made by our bar team so don't be afraid to order your personal favourite.



Serves 6-10.

Vanilla vodka, Passoa, passion fruit puree and lime juice.

Espresso Tree


Serves 6-10.

Vanilla vodka, Kahlúa, espresso and simple syrup.

Glitter Ball


Serves 4.

Gordon's pink gin, cranberry juice, lime juice and rose lemonade.



Serves 4.

Absolut vodka, hibiscus syrup, lime juice, mint and pink grapefruit soda.



Serves 4.

Strawberry, mango, passion fruit and coconut.

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